Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to Beirut

On October 9, one of my favorite bands will release their new album "The Flying Club Cup." Beirut has that sort of sound that literally you can't wait to hear again, and so to make things a little easier on us all, they've graciously made a track off the new album available for free downloading. It's called "A Sunday Smile," and even though today is technically Monday, this Labor Day is feeling to me like Sunday (insert "Every Day Is Like Sunday" by Morrissey here)... I have the windows open, a warm breeze blowing through the house and I'm sitting here pretending to study, while I enjoy this wonderful track.

As usual, the sound comes straight from France, with visions of romance and simple times. However, if you want to see them live (which I HIGHLY recommend), you'll have to head to Chicago on October 4, because that's as close as they're getting to Minneapolis.

Here are a few more pics from when I saw them in March at SXSW and a beautifully shot video of "Elephant Gun." Enjoy and commence swaying along. You know you can't help it.

Download mp3s:
A Sunday Smile